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The fact is, you have the right to do your own divorce, just as you have the right to represent yourself in any legal matter. The right of legal self-representation is so important it's protected by the Bill of Rights in the U.

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Constitution it falls under the First Amendment's right of petition for redress of grievances. In Michigan, legal self-help is also guaranteed by Sec. Despite these guarantees, the right to represent yourself in court doesn't mean very much if you don't know what you're doing once you get there. That's where this book comes in. Chapter 1 describes divorce, tells you what an uncontested divorce is and helps you decide whether you can handle it.

Chapter 2 has instructions and sample forms to guide you through a divorce. And last but not least, blank forms are included in the back of the book which you can photocopy and use to file your own divorce case.

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These decisions can be made by agreement of the divorcing parties settlement or by the court trial. Resources are available to help the parties reach a settlement agreement including mediation and a settlement conference. When the divorcing parties are able to reach a settlement, they will need to prepare a Judgment of Divorce that includes their agreement along with standard language required by the court. In addition, at least one party must appear to testify at a brief final divorce hearing called a Pro Con Pro Confesso.

How to File For a Divorce in Michigan

At this hearing, one party must testify about the date and place of the marriage and the breakdown of the marriage and may also have to testify about the agreement reached by the parties including agreements concerning the children. Search Search for:. Divorce Divorce is the legal process of ending a marriage. When a divorce is granted by the court, decisions are made about the division of property homes, cars, household items, pensions and retirement, investments, business interests, mortgages, loans, credit cards.

If children were born during the marriage, decisions are made about the custody, support and parenting time of the children. Filing for Divorce In order to file for divorce in Michigan one or both spouses must have lived in Michigan for at least days approximately 6 months and in the county where they plan to file for at least 10 days.

Learn about the necessary forms and processes to file for a divorce in Michigan.

Temporary Orders Either side can ask the court to order temporary custody, child support or parenting time by filing a request Motion with the court. Waiting Period If divorcing parties do not have children there is a 60 day approximately 2 month waiting period from the day the case is filed until the soonest a divorce can be final.

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Grounds for Divorce: No Fault In Michigan, there are no grounds for divorce other than the determination that the marriage has broken down and is unlikely to be preserved. Default After the divorce case is filed with the court and formally delivered to the other party served , the spouse who receives the divorce court papers pleadings has a limited amount of time to respond.

Finishing a Divorce Case To finish a divorce case and get a final divorce order Judgment of Divorce decisions have to be made about dividing property and debt and concerning children. It is not legal advice. For legal advice about your situation, you must talk to a lawyer.

Divorce Papers in Michigan | Quick & Cheap | Divorce in MI (24/7)

Cash only. Additional free and low cost forms, including free Motion forms, are available at the Legal Assistance Center.

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