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A background check will reveal your criminal record. Whether or not this information will affect a hiring decision will vary, as there are both federal and state protections for applicants with criminal records. However, even with these protections in place, most employers are able to make a valid case against hiring individuals with a criminal record. Especially those with multiple convictions on their record or those with felonies.

Put your best foot forward and get the position you want by clearing your record. We help our clients with Oregon expungement cases so they can pass their employment background checks with flying colors. We can help you clear your record and get a fresh start. The information on this site is not, nor should it be considered legal advice.

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Criminal Record Expungement. Drug Possession Expungement.

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Domestic Violence Expungement. Property Crime Expungement. Worried about a past arrest or conviction showing up on your background check? Get your record expunged! This dataset is updated monthly.

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This data may include: offense charged, offense date, offense level, disposition date, defendant full name, sentence, and additional information. Oregon Sex Offender Report Description: This sex offender background report includes high-risk offenders.

This data is updated monthly. Offenders who were incarcerated or convicted on or after October 3, for certain sex offenses must register. All offenders must register for life. Although after 10 years the can apply for relief from registration. Data set is updated monthly. Privacy Statement - Security - Terms of Use. Criminal Background Records www.

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Order Criminal Record. Search Criminal Backgrounds. Sample Criminal Record. Your Order Lookup. Massage schools in Michigan face different standards than those in our home state of Oregon.

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As of March of , twenty-six states required fingerprinting and background checks for massage licensure or certification. On July 1 st , Florida joined this group, passing a law to set up fingerprinting for massage therapists.

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Our home state of Oregon requires fingerprints for first-time licensure applicants, but it does not currently require additional rounds of fingerprinting for renewals.