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The reason for this referral is to ensure that you receive an accurate report. In cases involving CCRE reportable offenses, the Exchange receives dismissal, conviction and amendment of charge information directly from the Court that originally heard the case and any subsequent appeals.

By going directly to the CCRE you will get an accurate record for your use or to provide to your employer. Since requests for criminal history information are governed by several different laws and depends on the original offense charged, the release of such information can be confusing. Please do not hesitate to call the Police Records Section at They will be glad to assist you in making your requests to the necessary agencies.

Obtaining Criminal History Information | City of Fairfax, VA

Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Jump to subpage General Information You may find it necessary to obtain a police certification about your criminal history or lack of a criminal history. To process your request you must: Make your request in person. You must present two forms of personal identification from the list below.

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This payment can be made by check, made payable to "The City of Fairfax", or with exact change only. The Exchange receives criminal records from across the state and serves as the official custodian of records for most criminal violations.

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The police or sheriff's agency that made the original arrest or charge maintains records concerning lesser criminal violations. Consequently, you may have to make requests from both a local police agency as well as the Department of State Police to obtain a complete criminal history record. To review the applicable State laws regarding the release of criminal history information or if you think you will need to make a request to the Virginia Department of State Police, visit Virginia Department of State Police about criminal history requests.

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Criminal Records in Virginia

The criminal arrest records of the City of Fairfax Police Department are maintained by the Police Records Section, which is located in police headquarters at:. Business hours are Monday through Friday from am to p.

Virginia State Police short on troopers, many leaving for better pay

It is suggested that you telephone the Police Records Section and speak with a Records Specialist to ensure that we are the keeper of the records you are seeking and to confirm what paperwork and identification you will need to bring with you. This will ensure we can assist you when you arrive and provide you with the most efficient service possible.

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The telephone number for the Police Records Section is To make a request for criminal history information you will be required to complete a Request for Criminal History Information Form when you arrive at the Police Records Section. In keeping with the restrictions of State law, you can only request criminal history information about yourself.

To process your request you must:. Do you have any questions about the differences between a statewide and countywide search or are you interested in running background checks with CRC?

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