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SiriusXM creates and offers ad-free music; premier sports talk and live events; comedy; news; and exclusive talk and entertainment. SiriusXM is available in vehicles SiriusXM unveils major upgrade to streaming experience with new Phish launches exclusive SiriusXM channel Contact Cision. News in Focus Browse News Releases.

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If this is not an option, the antenna should be placed on an exterior wall. When placing on an exterior wall, the antenna should be mounted to a wall which faces the center of the continental United States in order to minimize the likelihood of the building itself blocking the signal. The current primary uplink facility for Sirius, which was formerly used as the uplink site for Western Union 's Westar fleet of communication satellites from the early s to the late s, is located in Glenwood, New Jersey.

The original facility was located on the roof of the building housing the Sirius studios in Rockefeller Center in New York City but has since been decommissioned.

The first three of the series were orbited in by Proton -K Block-DM3 launch vehicles, with the final three-satellite constellation completed on November 30, Udvar-Hazy Center. All three satellites broadcast directly to the consumer's receiver, but due to the highly elliptical orbit only two of them broadcast at any given time.

Satellites Radiosat 1 through Radiosat 3 fly in geosynchronous not geostationary Tundra orbits. Like the geostationary orbit, the tundra orbit has a period of 23 hours, 56 minutes one sidereal day. Unlike the geostationary orbit, the tundra orbit is elliptical, not circular, and is inclined with respect to the equator rather than orbiting directly over it.

The eccentric orbit ensures that each satellite spends about 16 hours of each day high over the continental United States. At least one satellite is always visible, with another often visible as well. The orbit's high inclination places apogee just west of Hudson Bay in Canada, providing a much higher elevation angle for most of the country than is possible from a geostationary orbit. This reduces blockage from tall buildings in urban areas, allowing a much smaller terrestrial repeater network than does sister network XM, which uses geostationary orbits.

The first four Sirius spacecraft used more traditional parabolic reflectors. The new satellite has been designed for geostationary orbit, unlike the other satellites in the constellation; the different orbit has the stated purpose of allowing for more consistent reception for fixed location users many subscribers have reported having to regularly reposition their antennas for optimal reception. Radiosat 5 FM-5 is in a geostationary orbit at 96 degrees west.

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It was launched June 30, , and announced to be in service as of September 9, It was placed into geostationary orbit at Subaru offers Sirius on the Forester and Impreza. Starting in , all Rolls-Royce vehicles sold in the United States came with a Sirius radio and lifetime subscription as standard equipment.

Sirius had an exclusive contract for VW and Audi vehicles from through , and with Kia Motors from through , with an optional extension to Beginning in the model year, Bentley vehicles have had Sirius as an option, and it became standard equipment in several models beginning in Radios from Sirius include:.

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For an additional fee, Sirius subscribers are also able to access all of the proprietary music channels and most of the talk stations via streaming media through Sirius. Alternatives to the browser based player are available such as a Yahoo! Both alternatives are gaining popularity with streaming listeners, and offer artist and track name information updated in real time, which is an improvement from the online Sirius player.

It offers a server capability to stream Sirius and XM programming to game consoles and mobile phones as an alternative to the iPhone And Blackberry app. CatPig Studios Inc. In addition to being available through Sirius. The site also states that Stern-specific video and audio clips will be made available at a later date. Sirius XM has developed a software application for use on the Apple iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch devices that allows its subscribers and users of those devices to listen to its programming.

The application was released and available for download on the evening of June 17, Also integrated into the app is a "click to buy" function where if a user clicks any song title playing on Sirius XM they are given the option to be taken to the iTunes Music Store where they can purchase the track or album. Due to the terms of a new contract, the Howard Stern channels were added on Tuesday, December Sirius XM has developed a streaming app for the Android Smartphone platform.

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The app features all of the content available on a standard Sirius receiver. Much like its Apple counterpart, it features a restricted channel lineup featuring most of the music channels and selected talk programming. Shortly after signing a new contract, Howard Stern began promoting the mobile app, and his content was added to the mobile offerings. The application was approved on June 16, The decision was appealed to the Canadian federal cabinet by a number of broadcasting, labour, and arts and culture organizations, including the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting , CHUM Limited , and the National Campus and Community Radio Association.

After a lengthy debate, cabinet rejected the appeals on September 9, Sirius Canada was officially launched December 1, However, the company currently only offers at maximum, a three-year subscription. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has reported poor reception in northern Canada. In September , The Federal Communications Commission agreed to Sirius XM's request for a special temporary authority to operate 20 terrestrial repeaters for the satellite radio service in Puerto Rico.

After receiving communications by public officials in opposition to the broadcasters, such as Puerto Rico Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock , in rejecting those arguments, the commission said Sirius XM's footprint already covers the island but the signal is weak and blocked by tall buildings and foliage. As for the impact on competition, the FCC said it has considered these arguments before and "declined to find that" satellite radio would harm local broadcasters. In the rest of Puerto Rico, coverage is provided by Sirius' constellation of satellites.

In October , Sirius announced that it was launching a new service named Sirius Internet Radio SIR that offered approximately 75 of the Sirius channels worldwide to people other than subscribers to its satellite radio service. Sirius Internet Radio is an Internet-only subscription, allowing worldwide listeners to listen to the content without having to purchase a satellite radio receiver, the internet subscription can also be heard on Wi-Fi enabled Internet radio for consumer and business purposes such as those designed by Grace Digital. The service also expands the number of channels that are available to Sirius Stiletto users via Wi-Fi.

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SirusXM has been involved in several high-profile class action lawsuits. Blessing v. Sirius XM Radio Inc. The settlement provided a number of benefits to current and former SiriusXM subscribers, including one free month of service. Turtles v.

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