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How to Squirrel Hunt with Dogs

Labs are ranked by the American Kennel Club as the most popular breed of canine in the United States, and for good reason. Not only do they make some of the finest hunting dogs around, but they quickly fit in as another member of the family.

Train a Search Dog! (FOR BEGINNERS)

These qualities make the lab one of the best shed hunting dog breeds. Hardworking and loyal are characteristics that have come to define the Pointer, a favorite of upland hunters dating back to 16th century England. Having been bred specifically for long days afield, a pointer possesses the stamina and desire to keep up with you no matter the pursuit.

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This breed will quickly learn to use its powerful nose and innate hunting sense to track down antler sheds. The American Foxhound is born with the instinct to hunt. However, its desire to track game will never be quelled.

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  • Often, due to its natural curiosity, a Beagle will follow its nose and not quit until satisfied. With ample exercise and socialization, this determined breed will prove to be fearless in the field, yet just as comfortable relaxing with your kids on a lazy Sunday.

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    This breed can perform virtually all gun dog duties with skill, including serving as a pointer or retriever. The Bloodhound is the quintessential tracking dog, able to even pick up human scents. Usually our blood trackers are used to track when there is little or no blood.

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    With training and experience a dog can learn to distinguish and track an individual wounded animal by other scents rather than just its blood. Tracking dogs are primarily used to track whitetail deer, but they are also very effective for recovering bear, moose, elk, mule deer and exotics. If you are looking for information on training, or if you are simply looking for help from a tracking dog and handler, we can help. UBT has a wonderful group of people dedicated to serving hunters.

    The Best Shed Hunting Dog Breeds

    We provide tracking dogs, and we help train others in the fine art of using them. It is also our mission to promote legalization of tracking dogs in all 50 states.

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